Runtime Error 91

How to Fix Runtime Error 91

A runtime error is basically an error that occurs during a programs “runtime”, to put it simply. Each runtime error has its own error code, such as 91, in this case. When an individual experiences a runtime error 91 on their computer, it’s usually accompanied by a “Object variable set to nothing” error message.

Runtime Error 1004

How to Fix Runtime Error 1004

Runtime errors are a fairly common annoyance for a great many Windows users, all of which come with their own code which specifies the cause and the solution. With that said runtime error 1004 typically occurs when using Microsoft Excel. The 1004 is a general code that relates to Microsoft Excel, but isn’t specific to one particular cause, so the exact reason why you are experiencing this error will vary, based on circumstance.

Runtime Error 429

How to Fix Runtime Error 429

Runtime errors are typically the result of issues with computer software. However, each individual runtime error has an assigned number which indicates to the end user the actual cause. When an end user encounters a runtime error 429, it usually causes the application in use at that time, to stop abruptly. These errors are the result of a number of different things, such as dodgy memory, computer viral infections, registry conflicts and software coding problems.

Ieframe.dll Errors

How to Fix Ieframe.dll Errors

The ieframe.dll file, to put it simply, is an Internet Explorer User Interface Library. This file works in tandem with your Internet Explorer application, so it is not a part of the Windows system files. It’s primarily duty is to enable the Internet Explorer browser to translate websites, which are developed in code (HTML,PHP) into what you see when you surf the internet. Despite the ieframe.dll not being a system file, its default install location is the %system% folder.

Binkw32.dll Errors

How to Fix Binkw32.dll Errors

There are a number of ways that binkw32.dll errors can manifest themselves on your computer. But the overall message is always the same in its reference to a missing binkw32.dll file. These binkw32.dll errors typically rear their ugly heads while a user is playing or attempting to play a video game that uses the Bink video codec. Depending on the specific game that you are trying to play on your computer, you could experience a binkw32.dll error in virtually every known version of Microsoft Windows, from Windows XP, to Vista, to 7 and 8.

Kernel32.dll error

How to Fix Kernel32.dll Errors

Depending on the circumstances, the “invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll” error can manifest itself in a number of different ways. Certain programs can generate their own kernel32.dll errors, which further compounds the methods available to fix it. However, of the various error messages, the most common are as follows.


What Is Dumprep.exe

Dumprep.exe is a legitimate component of your Microsoft Windows based system that is used exclusively for the error dump reporting tool. The dumprep.exe file is used for sending error and crash reports to Microsoft. If you have ever had an error on your computer, then you should be familiar with the “Send Error Report” message that typically appears on the screen, giving the user the opportunity to send a report of the error to Microsoft.

Error 80072efd

Error 80072efd – The Solution

The error 80072efd is related to Windows Update, and occurs when a user or computer attempts to download and install updates through Microsoft’s update server. This error can occur for a number of reasons, one being due to the server being overloaded with requests. Another fairly common culprit is third party applications, such as proxy servers or firewalls interfering or blocking the systems connection to the internet.

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