ntvdmexe home

Ntvdm.exe is an important component of your Windows Operating System (OS), as its function allows your OS to open 16-bit applications (such as MS DOS) in a 32-bit environment. With that said, this particular file is not unknown to hackers, as it is quite frequently targeted by such people, however, despite that reality, whenever people encounter problems with this specific file, it’s usually due to system issues such as program conflicts, the installation of certain system updates and data corruption.

cidaemonexe home

Cideamon.exe is an EXE file developed by Microsoft for use in its older Windows based operating systems, such as Windows NT4/2000/XP. So, a quick explanation of what EXE files are; basically they are files that, within them contain instructions that a computer operating system follows in order to complete a desired goal or function. Whenever a user double-clicks on one of these files, the operating system will then carry out the designated instructions outlined by the software developer.

Ntoskrnl.exe home

The ntoskrnl.exe is basically the system kernel, which is an integral component of Windows NT based operating systems. Kernel image is another name that it’s known by, but ultimately, its task is to provide both the executive layers and kernel of Windows NT. These are functions which are responsible for a number of different systems that make up the operating system (OS), such as the memory management, hardware virtualisation and processing.

SndVol32.exe home

The vast majority of us have a computer system, which we use quite often. The computer is multifaceted, able to carry out a vast array of functions. However, if your system encounters an error, then it can suddenly go from a highly useful machine to one that serves very little purpose for you. The sndvol32.exe file is an integral component of your 32bit based Microsoft Windows system, as its purpose is to handle the volume controls to your sound card.

0xC0000005 access violation home

This particular error is fairly common amongst all versions of Microsoft Windows, so hopefully the information contained in this post will help you resolve your particular problem. The 0xC0000005 Access Violation error is very broad as it encompasses a number of different problems. Due to this reality, you will be required to try an assortment of solutions to rectify your problem. Typically, when the error occurs, you will receive a familiar error message.

winlogon exe errors home

Winlogon.exe is a very important component of Microsoft’s operating system, as it handles the security and loading of the user profile, during the log in phase. It also handles desktop locking, when the screensaver has been activated, requiring the user to re-authenticate. Because of the importance of this component, it is a very common target by hackers.

PC stress test home

Over the years, computers have become increasingly more reliable, but despite that fact, our systems still do break down, from time to time. System failures, due to hardware faults, still do occur, which is why the dependability of a computer is its most important attribute. This is where the PC stress test tools come into play, as they are designed specifically for identifying faults.

cli exe errors home

The cli.exe file is a Command Line Interface for the ATi that works in the background and functions as a line of communication between the graphics card drivers and the ATi Catalyst Control Center application. While operational, an icon should be present in your system tray, which you can use to quickly access the Control Center application.