How to Fix Error 0x00000056

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STOP errors typically occur due to driver issues or OS corruption. That said it’s also possible for a blue screen of death (BSOD) error to occur because of faulty memory modules, faulty power supply units, and overheating components. On older versions of Windows, DLL compatibility issues were a common culprit.

Whenever a BSOD is encounter, the immediate solution is to reboot your system, this results in the loss of any and all unsaved data. That is one of the main reasons why eliminating such errors are so important.

Error 0x00000056 is typically the result of a driver issue on your system. This error usually appears as a BSOD, forcing you to restart the system. Fortunately, it is possible for you to fix this error; you just need to know how. In this tutorial, I intend to outline the various steps others, in your position have taken to curing this problem.

Symptoms of Error 0x00000056

When end users encounter error 0x00000056, they will experience an assortment of symptoms, such as:

  • The system automatically shutting down.
  • The inability to start any applications.
  • The system freezing.
  • Considerable degradation of system performance.
  • The inability to install or uninstall applications.
  • The system continuously restarting itself.
  • Certain applications may start without your consent.
  • Computer will not boot up correctly.

What Causes Error 0x00000056

Again, error 0x00000056 is caused by a driver conflict within the operating system. This means, when the end user attempts to use a specific hardware component, it fails, due to the driver (installed on the operating system) being unable to utilise the device.

There are many other factors that one must consider when looking at the root cause of error 0x00000056. You’re objective will be to find out exactly what is causing the error, then troubleshoot the cause in order to prevent any additional damage occurring on your system; that said, other causes include:

  • A malicious file has infected your system and corrupted the Windows registry.
  • An incomplete installation of a Windows update, has adversely affected the OS integrity.

Despite the relative seriousness of this error; stopping your system from working, the reality is that it isn’t so difficult to fix providing you know exactly what you’re doing.

How to Fix It

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to assume that your system is currently bogged down with this issue; an effective and reliable solution is what’s most important now. There are several things you will need to consider such as your drivers, hardware components and the registry.

There are many solutions, both manual and automated that you can adopt when fixing error 0x00000056. I recommend you attempt all the methods outlined below, in the order they appear.

Remove New Hardware Component(s)

If error 0x00000056 occurred, right after you installed a new hardware component then it’s advisable that you consider removing it, but not before you determine it’s working as it should and is compatible with your motherboard and operating system.

It’s not uncommon for certain hardware components to be incompatible with one another. Such incompatibilities can result in error 0x00000056 for starters, but also many issues.

Thus, as a first solution, I recommend that you remove any recently installed component(s) and then run your system, to see whether or not this solution has repaired the problem.

Update Hardware Drivers

The drivers are the files that allow the computer to operate the various hardware components installed in your system. Although Windows has its own set of drivers for a large number of components, and typically these components will be using Windows defaults, it’s still very important you ensure that there are no issues with these drivers; as such issues could be a catalyst for error 0x00000056.

To verify and/or update the drivers to your hardware components, you will first need to check the device, and then update where applicable. To check the device, you will need to use Device Manager:

1. First, ensure you’ve booted into your computer with full administrative rights.

2. Then press windows key + R, type devmgmt.msc and click on OK.

open device manager using run command box

3. Once Device Manager loads up, simply click on the + icon next to any Device Type and then double click on the Device.

device manager -> device type -> device

4. This will bring up the Device Properties applet, on the General Tab, under Device Status; it will tell you whether or not the device is working.

general tab -> device status

Once you have determined whether or not the driver(s) on your system require updating, your next step will be to update the drivers. To do this, you’ll have two options, the first is to manually locate, download and install the latest drivers for all the problematic device drivers on your system – a tedious yet fulfilling task.

The second option is to use a driver automation tool, such as Smart Driver Updater. This tool will automatically search the internet, locate, download and update the drivers for ALL the devices attached to your system; all with a simple mouse click.

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Run a Registry Scan

Other than a driver conflict, the registry is one of the main causes of error 0x00000056, due to its importance to the operating system. If you don’t know what the Windows registry is, it’s basically the main central database, used by the OS to store all the most crucial information, such as hardware and software settings data. The OS will thus, call upon the data stored here when carrying out specific functions, such as applying your desktop wallpaper, utilising stored passwords, running hardware components and much more.

Although the registry is an integral component of the operating system, it’s also a main culprit for a great many issues users face on their systems. To ensure the registry isn’t to blame for error 0x00000056, you should run a full scan of your registry using the professional registry cleaner tool RegCure Pro.

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Update Windows

Your drivers must be updated from time to time, to ensure they work correctly without error, likewise the operating system also must be kept up-to-date, to prevent conflicts and the various other issues that arise from being out-dated.

For instructions on how to update your version of Windows, I recommend you visit the following link:

Run a Virus Scan

A STOP error, such as error 0x00000056 can be caused by a virus infection. Thus, you’ll need to ensure your system is free of any malicious files.

Your first step will be to confirm your current antivirus software is up-to-date. Then you should run a full scan of your system. Alternatively, if you currently do not have an installed internet security solution, then I recommend SpyHunter, primarily because of its efficiency, its ability to locate a plethora of different malicious file types and also repair previously damaged Windows components.

You can find out more about this powerful tool from the link below:


Run Reimage

As a final solution, in the event that everything above fails to repair the error, you may want to consider a reinstallation of Windows.

The downside to this method is that it comes with its own risks, which includes the potential loss of personal data. This is where Reimage comes into the equation, as a tool capable of reinstalling your operating system files on the fly, without deleting any of your personal data while detecting and removing virus files at the same time.

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