Hi, my name is Uchenna Ani-Okoye, the owner of Compuchenna

I’ve worked in the computer industry since 2000 as a technical director, computer support engineer and IT Manager.

In 1999 I started working for a small Siemens Reseller Company called O.D.T (Europe) Ltd. and spent the next 4 years working there as a technical director. While I was there I elevated all computer systems at Diving World UK and O.D.T (Europe) implementing new hard drives, installing new operating systems, backing up data, migrating company data, installing new processors, setting up token ring networks (using terminators, token ring cabling and NICs).

I also diagnosed and repaired hundreds of computer systems, installing hard drives, soundcards, graphic cards, CD Rom drives, and motherboards in and around Central London, most notably for London Transport and Museum of London.

As of 2012, I will be running Compuchenna where I hope to answer an array of tech questions, both software and hardware related. My site will be universal in that I intend to present the information on this site in manner that will make it easy for a beginner to pick up. I will be covering topics centred on optimisation and troubleshooting. However if you have a query outside of the primal scope of my website, please make yourself known.

I am a computer enthusiast, which means, I’m the type of person that enjoys building and optimising computer systems. Over the years I’ve built hundreds of computers using an assortment of technologies, such as water cooling units, AM2/3 motherboards, Intel Processors, Matrox Graphic Cards, Dual Core Processors, and 3D Accelerators. I’m also both Cisco and Microsoft Certified with a degree in Multimedia Technology.

Given my extensive experience and expertise, I’m sure I’ll be more than capable of answering any questions that you may have. So please don’t hesitate to ask!

I’m also available to answer non-computer related questions, whether it is about advertising or writing content for my website. Thanks!)

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