Fixing Windows Error Code 0x800706BE

Error code 0x800706BE is a broad error that refers to a particular circumstance that occurs when carrying out specific tasks. However, despite the complex nature of this error, following the steps below will ensure you’re able to alleviate your system from this problem. Error code 0x800706BE is known to occur when attempting to update Windows.


Repairing the Sidebar.exe Crash

Contents What Is Sidebar.exe? Is Sidebar.exe Safe? How to Fix It Edit Settings File Disable Windows Sidebar Run a Full Virus Scan Are you having problems with Windows Sidebar constantly crashing after you’ve attempted to add a gadget to it? When the sidebar.exe file typically crashes, it’s accompanied by one of the following error messages: […]


Repairing Apoint.exe Problems

Apoint.exe belongs to the Alps Touchpad, which is amongst the most popular of its kind. However, it’s not without its problems as many users report encountering various error messages referencing the apoint.exe file. Apoint.exe is an integral component of the drivers for the Alps Touchpad.

error 0x80072efe

Fixing Windows Update Error Code 0x80072efe

Whenever an end user is having problems trying to connect to Microsoft’s Windows Update Server, they will usually come face to face with a Windows Update error, error code 0x80072efe being but one of many. This particular Windows Update error is caused by a number of different things, which ultimately can lead to blue screen of death errors and in more severe cases, fatal system errors. When you encounter one of these Update errors, it will typically manifest itself in several different ways, the inability to load certain applications, install programs and random system crashes, are all too common.


Application Failed To Initialize 0xc0000142 – How to Fix it?

The application failed to initialize 0xc0000142 error occurs on virtually every version of Microsoft Windows. The leading cause of this particular error can be brought down to damaged library files or an incompatibility issue, but I’ll talk more on that later. It’s not uncommon for a Windows application to fail to start up, but why does this occur?


Repairing Taskeng.exe Errors

Taskeng.exe is the Task Scheduler Engine for Windows Vista/7 based operating systems, its duties involve managing the various tasks which are scheduled to run at various times, executing them where necessary. If you’ve recently encountered an error with the taskeng.exe component, and you’re looking for a viable solution to this problem, then you have come to the right place, as I have provided you with a number of solutions, end users in your particular situation have used to repair these common errors.


What Is Hkcmd.exe And How To Fix It?

Hkcmd.exe is a process that is loaded during system boot up. This process is installed by a number of different Intel chipset graphics drivers. So if you own an Nvidia or ATi graphics card, along with an Intel motherboard, then there is a strong chance that you’ll have this process running in the background of your computer.


How to Fix Ie4uinit.exe Errors

Ie4uinit.exe is an integral component of Windows Internet Explorer referred to as IE Per-User Initialization Utility. A Windows Task Schedule is automatically created for this executable file, which loads this utility during system boot up. The purpose of this particular file is to configure the Internet Explorer settings.

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