What Is Regsvr32.exe?

The RegSvr32.exe process is used primarily by the object linking and embedding (OLE) controls. To be more specific, it’s used for the unregistering and registering of DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and ActiveX control modules. While the RegSvr32.exe process functions almost as an assistant tool, it’s various objects that it’s capable of managing range quite widely.

What Is PnkbstrB.exe?

PnkBstrB.exe is a process that belongs to the PunkBuster.exe program, this program was created by Even Balance Inc. as a solution to the incessant cheating in online gaming, most notably on titles such as the Call of Duty Series and Battlefield Series. PunkBuster.exe works by monitoring the network(s) for game hacks, and kicking or banning user’s it finds utilising these cheat programs.

What is FNPLicensingService.exe?

FNPLicensingService.exe (abbreviated to FLEXIm) is a licence manager service which is used primarily by corporations. Its purpose is to provide floating licenses for users of applications developed by these corporations. As is the case with any and all processes, end users may encounter CPU utilisation issues, random error messages, which may be the direct result of a number of causes.

What Is Mdm.exe?

Mdm.exe is a process that belongs to the Windows Machine Debug Manager. This particular process has two functions, the first is to provide Windows users with the ability to debug scripts within Internet Explorer, and the second is to debug code in Microsoft Visual Studio.

What Is Evteng.exe?

The evteng.exe is a process that belongs to Intel PROSet/Wireless Event Log that was developed by Intel. The purpose of this process is to edit, manage and create network profiles which are used for establishing connections to a network. This component also has a host of advanced options such as power management and channel selections, which can be used for creating ad-hoc networks.

What is Alcmtr.exe?

Alcmtr.exe is a Windows process that works in tandem with Realtek Semiconductor Corp audio hardware. Realtek AC97 Audio hardware also has its own monitoring capabilities. When this feature is executed, it immediately calls upon the appropriate files and processes in order to run the monitoring feature.

What Is Mcupdate.exe?

Mcupdate.exe is known by several names, such as Windows Media Center Store Update Manager, VirusScan AutoUpdate, McAfee SecurityCenter and McAfeee Update Launcher. This process is developed by both McAfee and Microsoft, with at least 100 different instances of this process found in several locations on your hard drive. Mcupdate.exe is not an essential Windows process, neither is it known to cause many problems on your operating system.

What is MOM.exe?

So, in short, MOM.exe is basically the monitoring program for the Catalyst Control Center, an applet created by ATi Technologies for their graphics card range. Its purpose is to monitor the use of their graphics cards, and also to enable certain functions of these cards. MOM.exe comes with all ATi graphics card drivers from version 7.2 with the Catalyst Control Center and when installed on your computer, will run quietly in the background.

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