What is Ehmsas.exe?

Ehmsas.exe is a Windows process that has the description Media Center Status Aggregator Service, it is developed by Microsoft and forms part of the Windows operating system. This file is of course digitally signed by Microsoft, which means it works within a Windows environment without any adverse drawbacks. In short, ehmsas.exe is the Windows Media Center State Aggregator Service and is installed on the system as a vital part of the Media Center Edition for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10 based systems.

What is SynTPEnh.exe and How to Fix It?

Syntpenh.exe is a process belonging to the Synaptic Touchpad. This particular component provides additional features for the touchpad device. Depending on the brand of laptop you have, this process may or may not be essential for the use of certain features.

What is TmProxy.exe?

Tmproxy.exe is a Windows process that has the description Trend Micro Proxy Service, developed by the company Trend Micro Inc. This process belongs to the Trend Micro Network Security Component. This file is digitally signed, which means it has been tested to ensure it works smoothly without adversely affecting your Windows operating system.

What is Jqs.exe?

When opening Windows Task Manager (by right clicking on Taskbar + Open Task Manager) you may notice the process jqs.exe running in the background. Jqs.exe is a relatively small process which uses around 1.5 MB of computer memory and 2 MB of virtual memory, while running. This process will also initiate I/O processes quite often, which you may or may not be able to observe, depending on the settings enabled.

How Safe Is RegCure Pro?

When it comes to computer maintenance tools, there are a ton of different ones available out there, all of them with their own pros and cons, which makes it difficult for end users to determine which ones is worth their time. RegCure Pro is primarily an optimisation tool designed to quickly and easily clean up your computer system, removing corrupt registry entries and various other things that may have your system bogged down with errors and instability issues.

Spyhunter 4 Download

Spyhunter 4 is a holistic protection program that will detect, block and eliminate rootkits, spyware, adware, worms, key-loggers, and much more. All of these different threats were created by hackers to either destroy or steal your personal data. This tool is designed to quickly locate, detect and remove all of these malicious file types.

Does SpyHunter 4 Work?

Whenever people first encounter Spyhunter 4, the first thing many of them want to know is whether or not Spyhunter 4 works or is safe. Spyhunter 4 is one of the world’s leading antimalware tools today, but despite that it makes sense that people would want to know whether or not they can trust the software before they decide to invest money into it. The truth is that you cannot trust all the software that is available to you, out there, many of which don’t work as prescribed and in more extreme circumstances are scams.

What Is Reimage Repair and How Does It Work?

Reimage Repair is a tool that has become more visible over the years due to its increased popularity. As a result of its new found patronage, more and more people are trying to authenticate the legitimacy of this program before they install and run it on their computers. Questions such as: What is Reimage Repair? How does it Work? Is It Safe?

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