What is Isuspm.exe and How Do I Remove It?

Isuspm.exe is an application that periodically checks for updates and installs them when applicable. In this article, I intend to discuss exactly what this process is, the various errors associated with it, and the most effective ways of tackling them. Isuspm.exe is a process developed by Macrovision, belonging to the InstallShield.

What Is HPWuSchd2.exe And How To Fix It?

Hpwuschd2.exe is a non-system process file developed by Hewlett-Packard belonging to the HP Software Update program. This particular file is digitally signed, which means it has been tested by Microsoft to be a legitimate and optimally functioning file within a Windows environment. Hpwuschd2.exe is a process associated with the HP Product Assistant tool utilised by the HP Software Updater component.

What Is Mobsync.exe?

Looking through Windows Task Manager it’s more than likely that you accidently stumbled upon the mobsyc.exe process running in the background and would like some information on exactly what it is. Alternatively, you may be dealing with an issue related to this process, either way; in this post I will be talking about exactly what it is, how to disable it and how to repair issues related to it. Mobsync.exe is a process developed by Microsoft for the purpose of enforcing group policy for removable storage devices.

What Is S24EvMon.exe?

S24EvMon.exe is an abbreviation of Spectrum24 Event Monitor which is also known by Wireless Management Service. It’s a component that comes with the Intel Wireless drivers, and is designed to allow the computer to switch back and forth from wireless to wired connections. There are a considerable number of systems that come pre-built with Intel Wireless cards, which makes this particular process fairly common.

What Is Rthdcpl.exe?

The rthdcpl.exe file is essentially the Realtek audio Control Panel component of Realtek sound cards. If you have one of these cards installed in your system, then you should have this file running on it. Usually the file can be found in its default locations (depending on your OS version).

What Is TeaTimer.exe And Should I Remove It?

If you’re reading this article, then it’s safe to assume, that you’re probably wondering what teatimer.exe is, a program or process that you found running the background of your computer. Well let’s get one thing straight, teatimer.exe is not a virus, malware, adware or spyware, in fact, it’s part of an internet security tool called Spybot Search & Destroy. So if you have this tool installed on your computer, then you will more than likely have this process running on the system also.

How to Fix Wmpnscfg.exe Issues

It’s most likely that you noticed the wmpnscfg.exe process while you were browsing through Windows Task Manager. Wmpnscfg.exe is a Windows Media Player (WMP) process, and since, it’s highly unlikely that you actually use WMP; you’d probably want to know why it’s running. It’s not a process that consumes an awful amount of resources, but it can be rather annoying, when you close it, only for it to restart itself.

Tackling Wscntfy.exe Problems

Wscntfy.exe is a system process that belongs to the Windows Security Center component of Microsoft Windows. The purpose of the wscntfy.exe process is to display a notification icon in your system tray pertaining to Windows updates, your firewall status and much more. The icon will usually display if for example, Windows Firewall has been disabled without a substitute in place.

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