What is ctfmon.exe and How to Remove It?

So, you were browsing through the various processes running in the background of your computer and you came across ctfmon.exe and you would like to know what it is. Is it a virus, maybe? I always become a little suspicious when I see a process I’m unfamiliar with. However, in this particular case, you needn’t worry, as this process was created by Microsoft, as an optional component of Microsoft Office.

What Is Applemobiledeviceservice.exe And How To Fix It?

For those individuals on a Windows based operating system with iTunes installed, they will immediately notice a large number of associated processes running in the background. These processes include iTunesHelper.exe, iPodServices.exe and AppleMobileDeviceService.exe (which is the process I intend to talk about in this post). AppleMobileDeviceService.exe is an integral component of the iTunes application.

What Is Msdtc.exe And Can I Remove It?

Msdtc.exe has the description Distributed Transaction Coordinator and is a process file created by Microsoft, for their operating systems. The file is of course, digitally signed, which means it has been tried and tested to work optimally within a Windows environment. Msdtc.exe is an integral component of the Microsoft Distribution Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) program.

What is Quickset.exe?

Quickset.exe has the description Quickset and is a process file that was/is developed by Dell Inc. This file is digitally signed, which means it was verified to work smoothly within a Windows operating system environment. Quickset is a process or application that is developed by Dell Corporation to allow the end users to either configure or view a network connection on one of their systems.

What Is MRT.exe Causing High CPU Load?

If you’re reading this post, I think it’s safe for me to assume that you have monitored a lot of hard disk activity on your computer and was wondering what MRT.exe is? Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place, as I intend to explain in-depth exactly what this process is, how to use it and how to rectify any issues you may be having with it.

What is Isuspm.exe and How Do I Remove It?

Isuspm.exe is an application that periodically checks for updates and installs them when applicable. In this article, I intend to discuss exactly what this process is, the various errors associated with it, and the most effective ways of tackling them. Isuspm.exe is a process developed by Macrovision, belonging to the InstallShield.

What Is HPWuSchd2.exe And How To Fix It?

Hpwuschd2.exe is a non-system process file developed by Hewlett-Packard belonging to the HP Software Update program. This particular file is digitally signed, which means it has been tested by Microsoft to be a legitimate and optimally functioning file within a Windows environment. Hpwuschd2.exe is a process associated with the HP Product Assistant tool utilised by the HP Software Updater component.

What Is Mobsync.exe?

Looking through Windows Task Manager it’s more than likely that you accidently stumbled upon the mobsyc.exe process running in the background and would like some information on exactly what it is. Alternatively, you may be dealing with an issue related to this process, either way; in this post I will be talking about exactly what it is, how to disable it and how to repair issues related to it. Mobsync.exe is a process developed by Microsoft for the purpose of enforcing group policy for removable storage devices.

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