How to Fix Wmpnscfg.exe Issues

It’s most likely that you noticed the wmpnscfg.exe process while you were browsing through Windows Task Manager. Wmpnscfg.exe is a Windows Media Player (WMP) process, and since, it’s highly unlikely that you actually use WMP; you’d probably want to know why it’s running. It’s not a process that consumes an awful amount of resources, but it can be rather annoying, when you close it, only for it to restart itself.

Tackling Wscntfy.exe Problems

Wscntfy.exe is a system process that belongs to the Windows Security Center component of Microsoft Windows. The purpose of the wscntfy.exe process is to display a notification icon in your system tray pertaining to Windows updates, your firewall status and much more. The icon will usually display if for example, Windows Firewall has been disabled without a substitute in place.

Why Is Unsecapp.exe On My Computer?

A new process just suddenly appearing in your Windows Task Manager can be somewhat worrying, especially if you’re at least vaguely aware of the programs that typically run in the background. Is the unsecapp.exe process safe? It’s interestingly named, to say the least, but is it a malicious file or just a normal part of the operating system?

What Is Alg.exe?

The purpose of the alg.exe file is to allow applications, such as IM client software, FTP and Torrent applications to establish a connection between two computers using passive TCP/UDP ports over a server. This enables the user to access files and applications off another system, even if that system is protected by a firewall. Without this particular file, the security protocols would block all communication ports, forcing the end user to manually open available ports, which would leave the system vulnerable to malicious files and hackers.

What is Dlg.exe?

Dlg.exe or Digital Line Detect is not a system process, so it is not required by the operating system. In fact, it belongs to a program developed by BVRP, who incidentally, are also known for creating internet security software. In this particular situation, the dlg.exe process is a part of a Phone Tools Software Suite, which offers faxing, emailing and phone book facilities.

10 Ways to Fix Your PC and Get It Working Again

If the computer locks up and becomes unresponsive, it may not be possible to access the Start menu and shut down in the usual way. Sometimes even the mouse fails to respond in the most serious lock-ups. When this happens there is only one option and that is to hold down the power button.

What is Dllhost.exe?

A quick look on Task Manager on any Windows system will show dllhost.exe running within the background. If you found this process running in the background of your system, then it’s likely you’ll want to know what it is, what it’s doing there and whether or not it is safe. To start with, I can say, categorically that it is supposed to be there.

How to Remove DNS Unlocker

The DNS Unlocker is essentially pop-ups and coupons that display on your web browser without your consent. DNS Unlocker is an adware program, which is basically a way of describing a potentially unwanted program (PUP), because it’s usually installed on the user’s computer without knowledge or consent, modifying the web browser settings in order to display those annoying pop-ups, every time you surf the web.

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