What Is Spam?

The question of what is spam can be summed up as the nefarious use of electronic messaging services and systems to send unsolicited messages to unexpected mail users. These messages are usually advertisements for a particular service or product. While email spam is the most recognised form of spam.

Delete Cookies

How Do I Delete Cookies?

Depending on your level of expertise and familiarity with the internet, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard of ‘cookies’. You’re understanding of them however, may be that they are malicious pieces of code that are used to spy on your every move while surfing the internet, or you might be of the more informed or positive view, and think that they are devices designed to make your surfing experience are more pleasurable one.

Windows Genuine Advantage Validation

Removing the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool

The Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool is a system that was designed and created by Microsoft in order to implement online validation of their most recent operating systems. In one of the more recent operating systems, Windows 7, the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Validation Tool is renamed to Activation Technologies.

Compress Files

How to Compress Files

File compression involves encoding data using fewer bits than the original file. There are currently two different types of compression, they are lossless and lossy. Lossless compression uses a method which entails identifying and removing redundant bits, while maintaining the full integrity of the original file. Lossy compression on the other hand reduces the size of a file by identifying data that it deems unnecessary.

File Extension

How to Change a File Extension

A file extension is basically a method of letting both the computer system and end user know which program(s) created and/or open a file. All files created on your computer system have their own characteristics which is indicative of the application that was used to create it. If you use the wrong application to open a file, you will be halted, but in some instances it may crash the program.

Prevent Phishing

How to Prevent Phishing

There are currently hundreds of millions of people that log onto the internet each day. These individuals may access the internet purely for research purpose, or possibly for paying their bills, the reasons why people get online are almost limitless. However, despite this reality, most of these users are completely oblivious to the potential risks once online.

Create an ISO File

How to Create an ISO File

An ISO file or ISO image, depending on which term you prefer to use is an archive file typically made from an optical disc, although it can be made from files and folders on your hard drive. ISO files in most cases have the .ISO file extension, which was taken from the old ISO 9660 file system that was used for the original CD-ROM media. Despite being named after that old file system, these files use a variety of file systems to package data.

Your Hard Drive

How to Copy Your Hard Drive

So, you would like to know how to copy your hard drive? Well, there are several methods that you can use to accomplish this task, all of which entails you copying every last segment of your hard drive, which you can then transfer to another hard drive. Copying the contents of your hard drive is an activity that must be carried out at least once, by every computer user out there.

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