Here is my formal disclosure:

  • I do not accept any form of payment for the review of services and/or products.
  • All software that I review, link to or recommend will have been purchased by me. I may however accept complimentary evaluations and on some cases request them myself.
  • For the links to products – whether it is a recommendation, review or a simple link in the content of my posts – I may be paid a commission if you decide to purchase the product. The affiliate links do not have any bearing on the price of the product.
  • When reviewing, recommending or linking to a product, I try my utmost to ensure that I’m impartial, whether I’ll receive compensation for it or not.

The process that I typically go through prior to reviewing, recommending or linking to a product is as follows:

  1. I’ll typically hear about a specific product through discussion or my own research and over time may become interest in it enough to consider mentioning it.
  2. I’ll then attempt to get a copy of the product, whether it’s through an evaluation copy or by simply purchasing the full version.
  3. I will then do my own personal evaluation of the product as well as look at the kind of experience that other people are having with it.
  4. I’ll then decide whether I would like to recommend it, link to it or just simply mention it.
  5. It’s only at this point that I will decide to dig deeper to determine whether or not I can receive commissions through an affiliate program, if so, then I’ll try and find special discounts that I can recommend exclusively to my readers.

I use affiliate links throughout my website. Any product link that you find could possibly be an affiliate link.

To conclude, some of the products and/or sites that I recommend, link to or mention could belong to family members and/or friends. The relationship that I have with them could play into my willingness to evaluate their product before others; however, it will in no way have bearing on my overall opinion. I’ll rate any and all products on their own merits.

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