What Is Mcupdate.exe?

Mcupdate.exe is known by several names, such as Windows Media Center Store Update Manager, VirusScan AutoUpdate, McAfee SecurityCenter and McAfeee Update Launcher. This process is developed by both McAfee and Microsoft, with at least 100 different instances of this process found in several locations on your hard drive. Mcupdate.exe is not an essential Windows process, neither is it known to cause many problems on your operating system.

What is MOM.exe?

So, in short, MOM.exe is basically the monitoring program for the Catalyst Control Center, an applet created by ATi Technologies for their graphics card range. Its purpose is to monitor the use of their graphics cards, and also to enable certain functions of these cards. MOM.exe comes with all ATi graphics card drivers from version 7.2 with the Catalyst Control Center and when installed on your computer, will run quietly in the background.

What is Ehmsas.exe?

Ehmsas.exe is a Windows process that has the description Media Center Status Aggregator Service, it is developed by Microsoft and forms part of the Windows operating system. This file is of course digitally signed by Microsoft, which means it works within a Windows environment without any adverse drawbacks. In short, ehmsas.exe is the Windows Media Center State Aggregator Service and is installed on the system as a vital part of the Media Center Edition for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10 based systems.

What is SynTPEnh.exe and How to Fix It?

Syntpenh.exe is a process belonging to the Synaptic Touchpad. This particular component provides additional features for the touchpad device. Depending on the brand of laptop you have, this process may or may not be essential for the use of certain features.

What is TmProxy.exe?

Tmproxy.exe is a Windows process that has the description Trend Micro Proxy Service, developed by the company Trend Micro Inc. This process belongs to the Trend Micro Network Security Component. This file is digitally signed, which means it has been tested to ensure it works smoothly without adversely affecting your Windows operating system.

What is Jqs.exe?

When opening Windows Task Manager (by right clicking on Taskbar + Open Task Manager) you may notice the process jqs.exe running in the background. Jqs.exe is a relatively small process which uses around 1.5 MB of computer memory and 2 MB of virtual memory, while running. This process will also initiate I/O processes quite often, which you may or may not be able to observe, depending on the settings enabled.

How to Fix “Java Platform SE Binary has stopped working”

This particular problem usually arises when users launch a Java-based game. For example, when playing Minecraft, a lot of users have been receiving the dialog, “Java Platform SE binary has stopped working.” When this happens, the application becomes unresponsive, and clicking the “close program” button will usually close the application window with little to no resistance from the application itself.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 80070103

Installing the latest updates for your operating system is an integral component of ensuring its security and smooth functionality. However, when you attempt to update Windows but instead receive error 80070103, it can be rather frustrating, especially given the fact that very little details is given about why it occurred.

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