Server Is Unavailable

The RPC Server Is Unavailable – How to Fix It

Before you can fully understand the function(s) of the RPC server, you will first need to know what an RPC is, such as its attributes and importance. RPC is an abbreviation of the words Remote Procedure Call. It’s basically a technology that utilises a communication technique called inter-processing, which is used for enabling a server and client PC to communication with one another over a network.

Access Sites

How to Access Blocked Sites

Access to a website may be blocked for a variety of reasons. However, despite this reality, it is still possible for you to access these sites, providing you know how. There are a number of ways that you can do it, with the use of proxies being the most people.

Google Chrome Slow

Google Chrome Is Slow – How to Fix It

Google Chrome is a browser that was able to establish itself amongst the very best within a relatively short period of time. This is due primarily to its sleekness and ease of use. However, it’s not uncommon for user to experience slow and sometimes intermittent performance while using the Google Chrome browser.

Error Code 37

How to Repair Error Code 37

Code 37 is an error that occurs when you attempt to connect a peripheral to your computer. This error most commonly occurs when attempting to use a USB device, though it’s not isolated to this particular communication bus. Errors that occur within the device manager go through a particular process which may result in the OS reporting an error if it fails to complete its routine.

Mail Client

Default Mail Client Is Not Properly Installed – How to Fix It

An issue that’s proven to be rather common with web browsers is controlling which email program is ran when you click on an active email address on a website. If it’s not properly configured, then you will be presented with the “Default Mail Client Is Not Properly Installed” error message. If, while surfing the internet, you clicked on an active mailto link or a link that should load up your default mail client and received that error message, then you’ve come to the right page.

Improve FPS

Ways to Improve FPS of Games

There’s little doubt that games are best played at the highest resolutions and frame rates. High frame rates contribute greatly the overall realism that is experienced while playing the game. Unless you went out and purchased a super high performance machine, the issue of acquiring the right balancing between visual quality and performance is always something you’ll have to contend with.

0X80004005 Error

How to Fix The 0X80004005 Error

In short the 0X80004005 is an access denied error. Whether a user or a program is able to perform a specific task depends on that user or program having the required privileges, this is the cause of almost all access denied errors. The way your operating system works is by assigning levels of permissions to specific files and services. This way, programs can only carry out functions that they have the sufficient permission(s) to do so.

Fix USB Device

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognised

It’s a problem that many people are met when – you connect a USB device to your system, such as a printer, camera, external hard drive, or scanner, and your presented with an error message that reads “USB Device Not Recognised”. In most cases, when you’re presented with this message, it typically means that there is some kind of interference between the devices drivers and the USB port.

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