Generic Host Process

Repairing Generic Host Process Errors

The generic host process is a service for 32-bit Windows operating systems. Its purpose is to monitor all the services running in the background to ensure the smooth sailing of the OS. If you know what the Windows Task Manager is, then it’s likely that you have encountered the Windows process called svchost.exe.

Registry Errors

How to Fix Registry Errors

If your computer starts to deteriorate in system performance, it can be a rather annoying process. It’s at this stage that knowing how to inject an insurgence of life into it becomes a priority of yours. The unfortunate thing is that most performance related issues are due to the registry, however, prodding around in the registry is probably not the most intelligent thing for you to do, especially if you lack the experience and knowhow.


How to Fix OCX / ActiveX Errors

With OLE, editing applications are able to export portions of documents to one another. For example, a photo editing application could export portions of text to a word processor, spreadsheet program or database application using OLE. The primary function and benefit of OLE is its ability to enable users to be able to export data from one kind of application to another kind of application, such as an image editor to a word processor.


How to Fix an AppCrash

A Windows based appcrash error message is well known to trigger confusion in end users who have very little knowledge of computers overall, and have next to no knowledge on how to tackle them. In this post, I intend to discuss exactly what an appcrash is, common causes of them, and ways of tackling them, to the betterment of your computer system.

Which Is the Best Antivirus Software?

Antivirus or anti-virus programs are basically applications that are developed for the sole purpose of detecting and removing malware from your computer. Malware is a broad term that encompasses a great many malicious files, such as viruses, hijackers, adware, rootkits, Trojan horses, adware, backdoor diallers, and key loggers.

Shutdown Windows

How to Shutdown Windows Faster

There are a number of factors that can adversely affect the speed in which your computer shuts down. It can be anything from a hardware conflict, incompatible driver, corruption of data, to a poorly configured operating system. On the flip side, it could be a combination of all of these factors. However, in this tutorial, I intend to show you a number of tips that you can use to dramatically decrease your shut down time.

Windows Services

Unnecessary Windows Services

During the boot up phase of your operating system, there is a fairly substantial amount of services that are loaded up, by default. Most of these services are very helpful, but some of them are only applicable to certain working environments, and thus only help to slow your system down.

Fix Wuauclt

How to Fix Wuauclt.exe

Wuauclt.exe is the auto update client for Windows Update. It’s a process that runs in the background of your system, constantly checking Microsoft servers for any new updates to the operating system. The amount of times that it may check for these updates depends on is configuration.

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