Shutdown Windows

How to Shutdown Windows Faster

There are a number of factors that can adversely affect the speed in which your computer shuts down. It can be anything from a hardware conflict, incompatible driver, corruption of data, to a poorly configured operating system. On the flip side, it could be a combination of all of these factors. However, in this tutorial, I intend to show you a number of tips that you can use to dramatically decrease your shut down time.

Windows Services

Unnecessary Windows Services

During the boot up phase of your operating system, there is a fairly substantial amount of services that are loaded up, by default. Most of these services are very helpful, but some of them are only applicable to certain working environments, and thus only help to slow your system down.

Fix Wuauclt

How to Fix Wuauclt.exe

Wuauclt.exe is the auto update client for Windows Update. It’s a process that runs in the background of your system, constantly checking Microsoft servers for any new updates to the operating system. The amount of times that it may check for these updates depends on is configuration.

Windows Firewall

How to Use Windows Firewall

Malware, viruses and hackers are a real risk for all computer users out there. As long as you have a system hooked up to the internet, there is always a chance that your computer could contract anyone of these threats. It was but a decade ago, the word “firewall” was virtually unknown to most, but today it’s become an integral aspect of everyone’s computing experience.

Runtime Error 216

How to Fix Runtime Error 216

The runtime error 216 is a fairly common error that has a holistic affect on your Windows environment. It’s an issue that a great many of us are faced with, but the good thing is that it’s not too difficult to fix. What most people tend to find most annoying about this error, is the fact that it’s not easily identifiable.

Zlob Trojan Virus

How to Remove the Zlob Trojan Virus

You can probably find hundreds of different websites that will supposedly tell you how to remove this virus. However, the unique thing about this particular Trojan horse virus is the fact that it uses somewhat advanced technology in order to get onto your system. The fact that its architecture is fairly modern is what makes it rather difficult for you to remove.

Rundll32.exe Error

How to Fix the Rundll32.exe Error

Rundll32.exe is an integral component of your Windows operating system, as it is used to place DLL files into system memory. A DLL file is basically a file that is used by more than one program on your computer. The rundll32.exe file is important in that it makes these files available in memory (RAM) so that the data can be processed by the CPU.

Slow Streaming Video

How to Fix Slow Streaming Video

I don’t think I need to explain how frustrating it can be when trying to watch a video stream that is constantly stopping and starting. If you use a DSL connection (which is more than likely), then the vast majority of video streams, whether on Veoh or YouTube, should play without the annoying intermittent performance.

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