JavaScript Errors

How to Repair JavaScript Errors

JavaScript is one of only a few programming languages designed for the development of web pages. JavaScript errors on the other hand are essentially bugs within the code of a specific web page. In the early stages of internet technologies, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) was the standard for production of websites.

Trojan Horse Virus

How to Remove a Trojan Horse Virus

The removal of a Trojan horse virus is likely of utmost importance to you; however, before we get to it, let me first elaborate on exactly what a Trojan horse is. A Trojan horse virus is basically a small program that is designed to either hijack or disrupt applications within your computer system. These viruses tend to work as an intermediary for other types of viruses such as spyware.

Virtual Memory Low

Is Your Virtual Memory Too Low?

By following the steps provided in this posted, you should have a much firmer grasps of what virtual memory is and how you can alter it to your advantage. Virtual memory is a Prefetch that exists within the hard drive and memory modules. Before information is taken to the RAM (Random Access Memory), information is first stored in a swap file on your hard drive called Virtual Memory.

Slow Startup Times

How to Fix Slow Startup Times

Is your computer taking an age to boot up? Well, you needn’t worry, since you can seek solace in the fact that many people’s systems suffer from the same symptoms. However, there are things that you can do to counter this issue, but it’s up to you, whether you want to expand a lot of money to do so, or not.

Low Disk Space

Dealing With Low Disk Space

Dealing with issues related to low disk space can be very problematic. This especially reigns true when you’re in the middle of an important document but are unable to save changes to it due to insufficient disk space. This is a pervading issue that isn’t restricted solely to saving documents, but installing programs, downloading media files etc.

Your Computer Hard Drive

Ways to Speed up Your Computer Hard Drive

Constant disk thrashing, freezing and extensive load times are all common symptoms of a slow hard drive. So it goes without saying, a fast hard drive is an integral component of any modern computer. Your hard drive is the one area in your computer where all your information is permanently stored, so you’d like to be able to access this data as quickly as possible.

Your Internet Connection

How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

With the advancements in internet technology, people are now able to access information almost instantaneously. However, slow and/or intermittent internet connections are becoming more and more of an issue. Your connection speed is influenced by several factors.

DLL Errors

How to Fix DLL Errors

DLL or Dynamic-Link Library is basically the introduction of the shared library for Windows Based Operating Systems. DLL files are made up of the code, data, and resources of the respective application handling it. With the introduction of DLL files, resources for the execution of an application can now be shared across multiple shared libraries, speeding up the execution and operation phase in the process.

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