Rundll32.exe Error

How to Fix the Rundll32.exe Error

Rundll32.exe is an integral component of your Windows operating system, as it is used to place DLL files into system memory. A DLL file is basically a file that is used by more than one program on your computer. The rundll32.exe file is important in that it makes these files available in memory (RAM) so that the data can be processed by the CPU.

Slow Streaming Video

How to Fix Slow Streaming Video

I don’t think I need to explain how frustrating it can be when trying to watch a video stream that is constantly stopping and starting. If you use a DSL connection (which is more than likely), then the vast majority of video streams, whether on Veoh or YouTube, should play without the annoying intermittent performance.

Out Of Memory Errors

How to Fix Out Of Memory Errors

If the amount of memory that your computer has at its disposal runs out, then you will be confronted with one of those out of memory errors. Before we delve deeper into ways of countering this issue, let’s first discuss briefly the various kinds of memory in computer systems.

Windows Restarting

Windows Keeps Restarting – How to Fix It

There are times when your Windows may restart suddenly without prior warning. Windows operating systems are designed to automatically detect and repair system errors. However, it’s not without its faults, as your system is prone to restarting on its own accord, and the fact that you’re not presented with an error message, can leave you somewhat bemused to what just happened.

Windows Installer Errors

How to Repair Windows Installer Errors

The purpose of the Windows Installer Service is to facilitate the installation, uninstallation, maintenance and repair of software applications on your system. Before new software can be installed onto your system, it must first abide by a number of rules which will ensure that it functions without error while on the computer.

JavaScript Errors

How to Repair JavaScript Errors

JavaScript is one of only a few programming languages designed for the development of web pages. JavaScript errors on the other hand are essentially bugs within the code of a specific web page. In the early stages of internet technologies, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) was the standard for production of websites.

Trojan Horse Virus

How to Remove a Trojan Horse Virus

The removal of a Trojan horse virus is likely of utmost importance to you; however, before we get to it, let me first elaborate on exactly what a Trojan horse is. A Trojan horse virus is basically a small program that is designed to either hijack or disrupt applications within your computer system. These viruses tend to work as an intermediary for other types of viruses such as spyware.

Virtual Memory Low

Is Your Virtual Memory Too Low?

By following the steps provided in this posted, you should have a much firmer grasps of what virtual memory is and how you can alter it to your advantage. Virtual memory is a Prefetch that exists within the hard drive and memory modules. Before information is taken to the RAM (Random Access Memory), information is first stored in a swap file on your hard drive called Virtual Memory.

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