Block a Website

How to Block a Website

If you have multiple people accessing your computer, it’s likely you’re going to want to block access to certain websites, websites that you deem inappropriate, such as gambling sites, violent sites, racist sites, and porn sites, or possibly highly addictive web portals such as social media networks, i.e. MySpace and Facebook.

No Sound on Your Computer

How to Fix No Sound on Your Computer

It’s not uncommon for you to encounter a few sound problems throughout the life of your system. Your computer may be properly hooked up to its speakers, but with no sound coming from them. There are a variety of reasons why your sound may have stopped working; so it really isn’t something that you should stress over.

Blue Screen of Death

How to Fix the Blue Screen of Death

The infamous BSOD or Blue Screen of Death is an error message that literally everyone has encountered at least once. To most people it’d appear as a splash of unintelligible text on an annoyingly potent blue background. It has a habit of showing up when we least expect it, resulting in total loss of everything we were currently working on.

System Restore

How to Use Windows System Restore

Without a functioning operating system, our computers are as good as dead. The accidental deletion of a system file, corrupt installations, and driver issues may lead you into the path of restoration. In past Windows versions, once you reached a stumbling block such as this, your only viable cause of action was formatting and reinstalling your operating system, which would typically result in total loss of data.

High CPU Usage

How to Fix High CPU Usage

A high CPU usage reading typically indicates that your systems processor is running at full capacity while the current applications are running. Random shutdowns, sluggish and intermittent performance are common symptoms of high CPU usage. The CPUs task is to process the data which initiates and runs your programs.

Speed Up Your Computer

How to Speed Up Your Computer

I took it upon myself to write a guide on how to speed up your computer, targeted primarily at those individuals that would like to squeeze every last bit of life out of their systems. The reality is that, unless your system is very old, i.e. using very old architecture, outdated motherboard etc then there is very little reason why you should want to purchase a new one.

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