How Safe Is Spyhunter 4?

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Q: Is SpyHunter 4 Safe To Use?

A: Yes, SpyHunter 4 is a safe, efficient antimalware tool, designed to remove a plethora of malicious file types, while repairing and optimising your system in the process.


One of the first things that many end users want to know when they first encounter SpyHunter 4 is whether or not it’s legitimate and/or safe for use. It seems SpyHunter 4 is becoming increasingly more popular nowadays, with more and more people wanting to know whether they can trust it. This is understandable for the most part; I too like to check the authenticity of any application I choose to install on my computer.

So, to start out, I’d like to say that I regularly use SpyHunter 4 to rid my system of malicious files, and it works very well, much better than anything else I have installed on my computer. It’s a legitimate internet security tool, developed by Enigma Software around a decade ago. Enigma is a company that is dedicated to keeping their security tool up-to-date with the most recent virus definitions, just one look on their official website and you can see how true that statement is, with their statistics on trending malware and additional tips that you can use to safeguard your computer.

Why Choose SpyHunter 4?

SpyHunter 4 is but one of several antimalware tools that you can find on the internet today. In practice it can be used as both a primary and secondary security tool. SpyHunter has its own real-time scanning feature, which you can use to protect your system at all times.

An infected system will exhibit a vast array of symptoms, ranging from slowdowns, random popups, desktop hijacking and much more. An infected computer can be both a challenging and daunting experience for most end users, especially for those with very limited computer skills.

This is where SpyHunter 4 comes into the equation, as a powerful removal tool, designed to not only remove the malicious files, but restore optimal performance of your computer. Enigma Software is constantly updating their software, which is very important. Its interface is very easy to get to grips with, while featuring an active and efficient tech support team that you can contact at your own convenience. SpyHunter 4 also has its own remote repair facility; allowing Enigma’s support team to repair your computer automatically through the software itself.

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Rootkit Removal

SpyHunter 4’s best feature has to be the advanced rootkit detection system, which is a proprietary of the software itself.

If you don’t know what rootkits are, they are essentially malicious files that attach themselves to your most important Windows system files, tricking the operating system into thinking that they are a part of Windows itself. The main issue with rootkit files is that it is not possible for you to remove them, while active within Windows, and at times, they can be virtually impossible to detect, because of their ability to blend into your operating system and function as a normal part of it.

However, the team that created SpyHunter 4, found a workaround, they did this by creating their own remote OS, which the software itself can boot into, in order to safely and securely remove these files from your computer.

spyhunter 4 help desk

My Experience

I’ve worked in the tech field for more than a decade, so I’m always cautious about what I decide to install on my computer. In the case of SpyHunter 4, it was able to remove a very devious virus file from my computer, which at the time, prevented me from accessing the Add or Remove Programs (appwiz.cpl) component of my operating system. It saved me a great deal, from otherwise having to reinstall my operating system. The main plus, had to be the fact that it not only detected and removed the malicious file, but also restored full functionality to the appwiz.cpl component.

That said, I also searched the internet for user testimonials of those who have actually used SpyHunter 4, just to see what they had to say, what their experiences using this tool was like. I was able to find a plethora of positive reviews, especially on the SpyHunter 4 Facebook page.

Here is just a snippet of the many positive reviews you can find about this powerful tool:

spyhunter 4 opinions


One thing that many people tend to love most about SpyHunter 4 is the large number of excellent features that it has. Below are just some of the many features you can hope to access, in the event that you download and install this software:

Rids your system of a plethora of different malicious file types, such as worms, adware, Trojans, rootkits, adware, key loggers and much more.
Provides the end user with excellent one on one customer support. If you’re having a problem using the software, then contact their support team and they will work one on one with you, to provide you with a fix to your solution.
SpyHunter 4 has its own Compact OS, which it can boot into, in order to remove those dangerous rootkit files.
Enigma Software constantly updates the virus definitions of SpyHunter 4. This is extremely important, as new viruses are created virtually every day, thus, all good internet security software requires regularly updating in order to remain relevant.
The System Guard feature will detect any important system changes, allowing the end user to decide whether to allow or block them.
SpyHunter 4 has a very clean and basic interface, which is ideal for all computer users.
Custom malware fixes is another interesting feature, which works in tandem with the Help Desk. Through SpyHunter 4, Enigma can create custom fixes and automatically upload them to your computer.


SpyHunter 4 is an internet security tool that I can and do recommend. It’s very safe, and very efficient, making short work of almost any problem you’re likely to encounter on your computer. SpyHunter 4 has very deep scanning capabilities, which results in it finding stuff that most antivirus scanners simply miss. It can be used as both a primary and secondary virus scanner, depending on your needs. Personally I recommend all systems have at least two antivirus tools on it, so why not make SpyHunter at least one of those.

Give it a try. You can download, install and run your first scan for free; that way you can determine whether or not it’s for you. And if you find that it is, just purchase a licence and you’re good to go.

SpyHunter 4 is one of the WORLDS LEADING Anti-Malware Tools. For access to this powerful tool, click the link below:

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